Damn Simple Timekeeping

Track the time you spend on various projects during your day.

Useful for people who need to bill by the hour (lawyers, freelancers, consultants, etc.).

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  1. Type the name of a project in the Project box. The current time is automatically filled in. If you need to edit that time, go for it.
  2. Type a description of how you spent your time, if you need to keep track of that.
  3. Do your work. Close the browser tab/window if you want - no save necessary. The next time you open the page, you'll be right back where you left off.
  4. When you switch from that project, enter the project you are switching to on the next line. The elapsed time is calculated. If you're done for the day or taking a break, just leave the Project box blank. Lines with blank projects aren't counted against the total.
  5. Repeat as necessary
  6. When it comes time to take stock of what you've done and record it permanently, shift your gaze downward to the Summary section. There are a few levels of detail available here. You can copy and paste from this section if you'd like. Data exporting options will be made available according to user demand.

Use it now

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Fast because all data is stored on your computer.

You can use it on your computer or iPhone.